• Ferguson FBOX 4X

    Ferguson FBOX 4X is a multimedia TV or monitor extension, that apart from playing audio and video content, allows for much, much more! With access to the full Google Play app store, you can use this small mini-PC to receive mails, browse the Internet, play games and do hundreds of other things on your TV!

  • Ferguson FBOX 3 TV

    The power of media known to FBOX devices combined with the ability to play and record DVB-T/T2 channels!

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Meet Ferguson FBOX 4K
Meet Ferguson FBOX 3 TV
Ferguson FBOX 1 - GB


Our FBOX devices have fastest processors on their class of devices on the market, so the responsivity and fun from playing with FBOX are simply amazing.

Powerful 3D graphics

Powerful 3D graphics

We are using GPU units optimized for 3D graphics and hardware video decoding. It greatly improces overall devices performance.

The power of XBMC

The power of Kodi

Excellent pre-installed Kodi media player will take care of your media library and will display almost ALL file formats with hardware video decoding. In glorious 4K UHD!

DTS Passthrough

DTS Passthrough

Are you a fan of high-quality sound? Your video or audio files are using DTS codec? Ferguson FBOX allows you to transfer audio directly to a decoding device (eg. TV-set, receiver), so you can enjoy the best quality surround sound.

Google Play

Google Play

Ferguson FBOX does not limit user access to applications on the Android system. It’s your device after all. Install what you want from the official Google Store – in contrast to other manufacturers, we do not limit your freedom.

TVN Player and FilmBox Live

FilmBox Live

Ferguson FBOX is the only device on the market with pre-installed FilmBox Live applications. Access your favorite stations directly from the home screen device! FBOX has official compatibility certificate.

Ferguson FBOX are a mini-computer devices based on a powerfull processors and efficient 3D graphics. FBOX devices is a solution with a wireless, gyroscopic remote control* that offers Smart TV to any TV. The devices are dedicated to both the media storage devices and a content streamed directly from the Internet. They feature unique in their class, hardware supported 4K UHD* video decoding via Kodi Media Player. The use of Android system allows for a deep support for multitasking, use of internet, playing movies, games, music, internet radio and much more. The devices are supported by 2 Amp power supply that provides seamless support for external drives without their own power supply.

* applies to certain models